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Version History


Version 3.2
Released April 24, 2012
• Fixed Import Directory records (broken in version 2.5)
• Improved overall speed

Version 3.1
Released March 9, 2012
• Maintenance release
• Changed upgrade terminology
• Fixed committee name and address entry fields
• Misc. Bug Fixes

Version 3.0
Released August 16, 2011
• Support for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)
• Support for Windows 7 (64-bit)
• Excel Open Office (.xlsx) Import/Export
• New parchment background theme
• New larger custom designed icons
• New Fix Maiden Name file tool added
• Fixed potential bug when adding Tickets and Purchases
• Fixed page count on Task Reports
• Improved Budget reporting
• Improved alphabet filter in Directory list
• Improved Directory photo display
• Improved overall printing

Version 2.5
Released Tuesday, June 1, 2010
• Complete interface makeover
• Added selectable font color on name badges
• Added color header on Avery 5392/5164 text name badges
• New File Tool to export all directory photos
• Improved Directory Tickets, Sales and Payments
• Improved Printed Lists
• Improved Directory Importing
• Improved Web Resources (Web Links)
• Show matching event tickets in Directory List
• Redesigned Task Reports

Version 2.1
Released Saturday, October 3, 2009
• Added second Photo for Directory (past & present)
• Added Notes Field to Sale Items
• Added Ticket Summary export to Excel spreadsheet
• Added Option to Omit Deceased from Memory Booklets
• Expanded Label Print Options
• Fixed Ticket Summary sort
• Fixed duplicate meal validation check
• Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0
Released Friday, July 31, 2009
• New integrated Meals module
• Separate Meal Choices for each event
• Meal Selections for event tickets
• Meal Selections Report
• Re-designed Memorial Booklet
• Updated Revenue module
• Added Secondary email field to Directory
• Added attendance totals for Events
• Added Find Private records in Directory
• Added Notes field for Tasks
• Single Upgrade data file for future upgrading

Version 1.2.1
Released Wednesday, April 15, 2009
• New Revenue module for all revenue items
• New Committees module
• Added Graduation Year printed list
• Added Suffix to printed Directory Booklets
• Increased Left Margin for Directory Booklets
• Fixed create new record bug in version 1.2
• Fixed bug with Budget Purchases totals
• Fixed bug in Lodging module (Phone field)
• Fixed bug in Settings (Display Maiden Name)
• Fixed Scheduled Daily Backup Issue
• Improved navigation and speed

Version 1.1
Released Wednesday, May 21, 2008
• Added Faculty Member checkbox in Directory
• Added Retired checkbox in Directory
• Added Married to Classmate checkbox in Directory
• New improved Add Purchase Item in Directory
• Fixed alphabetic sort order in printed list Checklist
• Fixed numbering bug in Sale Items (where SKU stopped at 10)

Version 1.0
Released Tuesday, January 15, 2008
• All new interface
• Tabbed navigation screens
• Improved report printing
• Mouse-over help tips
• New file tools
• Dynamic top menu bar
• Improved export features
• Microsoft Vista™ Compatible
• Mac OSX Leopard™ (10.5) Compatible


Version 6.5
Released Monday, January 8, 2007
• Expanded work space to accomodate larger screen size
• Added New Reset Reunion File Tool
• Mapping services expanded to MapQuest™, Google™ and Yahoo™
• Updated MS Word Letter template

Version 6.4
Released Saturday, February 25, 2006
• Added a new Comments label for printed Memory Books
• Added MapQuest™ address search for the Directory

Version 6.3
Released Saturday, June 25, 2005
• Added Nickname to Memory Book Print Options
• Added Options to List Printouts
• Added married couples names to Labels
• Added Other Income Revenue to Budget Summary
• Fixed Avery™ 5163 / 8163 Label layout
• Budget totals calculate automatically
• Increased photo size 25% on 5392 name badge
• Updated the Web Links module
• Removed 'numeric only' restrictions on phone number entries

Version 6.2
Released Sunday, February 13, 2005
• Saved Sets now referred to as Saved List Sets
• Improved alphabet filtering in List View
• Improved Event Ticket Summary report
• Added Address Services Request to envelope printing
• Fixed thousands separator display in budget totals window

Version 6.1
Released Monday, August 2, 2004
• New copy Contact Info to clipboard button in the Directory
• New Ticket Summary Report printout for Events Module
• Added ticket totals to Event Detail printout

Version 6.0
Released Monday, April 12, 2004
• Brand NEW user interface
• New Events Module to handle an unlimited number of functions
• New Badge Display options
• Print event tickets using business card stock
• New record level postal address formatting
• Added new fields for Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren
• Append Directory Notes for saved sets
• New verify email addresses File Tool added
• Updated MS Office™ Templates
• Improved sales reporting
• Improved the Tasks Module
• Fixed purchase totals calculation error

Version 5.3
Released Wednesday, October 1, 2003
• Added new Discounted Ticket category
• Added new Envelope print options
• New Pick-a-Date mini calendar for events and tasks
• Fixed record level Private Address feature broken in v5.2

Version 5.2
Released Thursday, April 3, 2003
• New label print options: include nickname, salutation, guest and omit country
• Added Time Format option to Notes Time/Date stamp
• Added Vendor Email Address field in the Budget module
• Added Vendor URL field in the Budget module
• Fixed Option 2 in Sales Items Catalog printout

Version 5.1
Released Saturday, November 9, 2002
• New Sales Module allows unlimited number of souvenir sales items
• New Mini-Calculator feature
• New Templates folder
• New RP Basic MS Excel™ import template
• New MS Word merge sample file for creating form letters
• Increased Memory Book comments from 75 to 100 words
• Additional print options for Photo Booklet
• Added improvements to Memorial Booklet
• Added more search criteria to FIND screen
• Added Time/Date stamping options to Directory Notes
• Added Avery™ 8387 Post Card to printed labels
• Added Tax Resale Number field to Administration screen
• Added email and web URL Addresses to 3 column list printout
• Fixed 5395 photo name badge print issue with some printers
• Fixed Marital status printing in Directory booklets
• Fixed print single page problem with questionnaire and ticket orders
• Fixed Find Standard Class in Lodging Module
• Fixed Add Item bug in Budget Module
• Updated Repair Recovery File tool

Version 5.0.2
Released Wednesday, July 3, 2002
• Fixed Update Response Status tool bug
• Enhanced bulk email tool
• Added new maiden name display options
• Use Nickname or First Name option in correspondence

Version 5.0.1
Released Monday, May 27, 2002
• New Bulk Email Tool for sending a single email to multiple persons in the Directory
• Added Large Text Name Badges
• Export of Lodging Data added
• New Repair Recovery File
• Fixed Suite/Apt validation check
• Overall Interface make over

Version 5.0
Released Thursday, March 7, 2002
• Native MacOS X™ version available
• Redesigned and improved Letters module
• Export as HTML Table added

Version 4.9.1 (Maintainance release)
Released Sunday, January 27, 2002
• Fixed MapQuest™ feature in Lodging Module
• Added new Work Phone Extension field
• Updated Budget module
• Improved importing data cleanup script

Version 4.9
Released Monday, Decmber 3, 2001
• New Lodging Module to help provide information on local accommodations
• Weekly, monthly or per session automated backup scheduling
• Re-designed Print Central navigation screen
• Individual record level privacy settings
• Save imported records as a found set when importing from a data file
• Detailed Export now listed as Archive File
• Added Contact Info to export options
• New Avery™ 5371 Business Card Name Badge added
• New Avery™ 5164 Large Name Badge added
• New 'Update Response Status' file tool
• Added 'Upgrade' to file tools
• More flexible address formatting for European customers (ST/Prov, Zip/Postal)
• Added support for 1024×768 & 1280×1024 screen sizes
• Fixed problem with printing correspondence on some printers
• Newly updated 100 page user guide (.PDF)

Version 4.8.8
Released Thursday, March 22, 2001
• Separate Follow Up Letter module with built-in field merge capability
• New tabbed interface for Events and Administration
• New QuickHelp feature
• Added the flexibility to designate the third phone number as cell, fax, pager or voice mail
• Added Basic Export to export options
• Added Formatted Last Name to Letter Merge, Mailing Labels and Email exports
• Improved File Tools screen with pull-down menu choices
• Fixed alphabet filter bug in list view when selecting 'W'

Version 4.8.7
Released Friday, January 5, 2001
• Separate expanded Budget Module and projected estimates
• Expanded Events capabilities and added Ticket Sales tracking
• Ticket Order Form for up to three events
• Increased interests and comments to 75 words
• New Memorial Directory Booklet for those deceased
• New Committee Member and Table Assignment list printouts
• Added the ability to include Custom Fields for printed Directory Booklets
• Individually select not to display phone numbers in Directory Booklets
• Tasks Module updated and Improved

Version 4.8.6
Released Tuesday, August 29, 2000
• New File Tools to manage information
• New Tasks module to manage Things-To-Do and deadline dates
• Added new Sub-Committee Category field to the Directory
• Added option to select whether the person is accompanied by a spouse or guest
• Duplicate basic name and address when creating a New Record

Version 4.8.5
Released Sunday, June 25, 2000
• Added new Guest field checkbox to the directory
• Added options to display "Class Of" or "Guest Of" information on Name Badges and Booklets
• Added Comma Separated (.CSV) export option to Export sets
• Fixed problem with FIND option to add new record

Version 4.8.4
Released Monday, May 8, 2000
• Fixed Suite/Apt field validation restriction
• Improved Saved Found Sets scripting
• Improved Envelope printing with preview
• Added new option to Maiden Name display
• Added a new phone format option
• Page Setup adjustments for printed lists
• Minor cosmetic adjustments and script improvements

Version 4.8
Released Tuesday, April 18th, 2000
• Added Nickname, Name Suffix, Birthdate, Unique Record ID and 4 new modifiable custom fields
• Added second screen to accommodate expanded Directory information
• New algorithm for Saved Found Sets
• Changed Middle Initial to full Middle Name
• Changed Years Married to Year Married for automatic updating of anniversaries
• Changed fixed reunion events to generic Events 1, 2 & 3
• Updated export and Import scripts
• Improved overall speed

Version 4.7.3
Released Tuesday, March 14, 2000
• Fixed automatic international phone number formatting

Version 4.7.2
• Added several additional fields to Letter Merge export
• Added Middle Initial to Mailing Labels export

Version 4.7
Released Thursday, February 10, 2000
• Added Middle Initial field in Directory
• Save unlimited number of found record sets for instant recall
• Import/Export now includes Tab Separated, Merge, Sylk and dBASE
• Improved and simplified tools for backups and upgrades

Version 4.6
Released Sunday, October 31, 1999
• Send email now supports Outlook Express™, Eudora™
• Sleek new interface with expanded Home screen button actions
• Improved ordering via built-in order form

Version 4.5
Released Monday, August 30, 1999
• Requirement for 4 digit year insures Y2K compliance
• New layouts for Avery™ 5392 and 5395 Name Badges
• Enhanced Data Export script for basic or detailed information
• Error message with Spell Check if Main Dictionary is not selected
• Improved overall script handling

Version 4.2
Released July 31, 1999
• Added attendance information to export script
• Modified entry validation for email addresses
• Modified entry validation for phone numbers
• Improved clean phone numbers script

Version 4.1.8
Released July 3, 1999
• Enhanced Find Window
• Included separate find by first, last and maiden name choices
• Added a Find Duplicates button in list view
• Minor bug fix

Version 4.1.6
Released May 26th,1999
• Added the capability to handle multiple day reunion event
• Improved Maiden Name options to include hyphenated names
• Fixed problem with .PDF User Guide

Version 4.1.5
Released May 16th,1999
• Fixed a printing problem with 5160 labels
• Added an option for choosing how you want to display and print Maiden Names
• New Reverse Sort Option by using the SHIFT key
• Added new buttons for easier navigation

Version 4.1.3
Released May 1st,1999
• General maintenance release with minor script handling improvements

Version 4.1.2
Released April 1st,1999
• Added an export/import tool for future version upgrades
• Improved launch Help System (PDF) Requires Adobe Acrobat™ 3.01

Version 4.1.1
Released March 18th,1999
• Fixed alphabetic sort in booklets and address books
• Added Country field for registering

Version 4.1
Released March 1999
• New click to send email feature
• New Web locator and Web Resources file for favorite web sites

Version 3.5.3
Released January 1999
• Fixed problem printing booklets and address books
• Fixed problem with printing letters

Version 3.5
Released November 1998
• Improved Windows '95™ layout design
• Save unlimited Follow Up letters for importing
• Added support for 17“ monitors (600x800)
• Added support for European A4 letter and DL envelopes
• Added Default Printer Settings with Display Options
• Added Preference Setting for default opening layout
• Added List View Highlight Options
• New Questionnaire Form
• New return address options
• New automatic phone formatting options

Version 3.2.2
Released October 1998
• Added new options for printed name badges

Version 3.2.1
Released September 1998
• Major design revamp for Macintosh™ OS 8!
• Newly revised scripts
• Avery™ Labels improved with graphic icons
• New Booklet Print Options with selectable fields
• New Preferences layout and default settings
• Improved Main List with status line and alphabet search
• Improved Import/Export features
• Ability to print notes

Version 2.5
Released September 1997
• New Home Page main layout!
• Separate layouts for Committee & Event Information
• New fields for banking account information
• Improved scripts and directory layout
• Backup file added to import/export layout

Version 2.0
Released July 1997
• New Runtime version! (FileMaker Pro not required)
• Totally redesigned interface with new layouts and buttons
• Multiple export and import options including Email
• New password entry for registration
• New layout exclusively for personal notes
• Added new buttons to main list view

Version 1.3
Released May 1997
• Added phone number entry validation with auto primary phone selection
• Added vendor name and phone number with dialing in budget layout
• Fixed bug in phone list defaulting to "Name Sort" before printing
• Added new "Zip Code" sort script (as requested)
• Modified Print List Layout to include sort options

Version 1.1
Released March 1997
• Added field for business phone and select a primary phone number
• Added follow-up letter field
• Added scripts for marking and un-marking selected records
• New phone list print layout with primary phone number
• Improved overall interface and design

Version 1.0
Initial release June 1996

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