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Program Tour

Here's a quick look at Reunite via "screen shots" of the program, starting with "Home."

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Home Page

Home Page

As you can see from the "Home" page, Reunite has many great features, and is organized in an easy-to-navigate and comprehensive way. "Directory" is where you input and store each reunion member's contact information, as well as their participation status. "Events" is where you can compile all your event details - dates, time, location, etc. and offers multiple event listings for those reunions comprised of more than one event. "Budget" lets you plan and layout your reunion's financials -- even helping you determine ticket pricing. "Print Central" is where you go to print out name tags (with photos!), memory books, letters and more.

Directory (Contact Info) Page

Directory Contact

This screen shot from the Directory Contact shows you how Reunite captures all the pertinent details of each of your reunion members, including name, maiden name, street address, email and website. Also, here's where you can insert a photo of the reunion member to be used when producing name tags, and memory books. This is one of Reunite's most popular features!

Directory (Details) Page


In the Directory "Details" you can capture even more information about your reunion members, such as occupation, marital status, and birth date. You can also see how Reunite allows you to track the status of each reunion member. Reunite provides four custom fields so that you, the user, can create your own directory details. Plus, here's where you can enter comments from the reunion member that can be used for the printed memory book.

Program Settings


Reunite allows you to customize your reunion planning, which is especially helpful for those organizing international reunions, or for Reunite customers outside the U.S. where phone codes and postal formats vary.

Budget Summary


Take a look at all the aspects of the Budget Summary -- you can list costs with vendor information; you can track ticket sales and other purchases (i.e. shirts, mugs); and you can outline tickets sales by event (for those reunions with multiple events). This feature of Reunite can help you set your event ticket price by allowing you to see the estimated costs that will be incurred.